Dumb Marketing Mistakes
Mistake #1. Letting Your Business Card Disappear
Dumb Marketing Mistakes Where's Your Business Card Now? So you have a contact. You give him or her your business card and/or a brochure, proposal or something. Then, at some later point in time, the client wants to contact you. So where is your information? Lost in a drawer full of business cards? Thrown into the trash? Or stashed for safe keeping somewhere that they now can't remember?

Do you really want to lose a client when there are simple, inexpensive ways to keep your information available? There are many promotional products that cost less than a dollar, and some less than 50, that clients will keep and use. What is good for you depends who your customers are and what your budget is. Here are some suggestions:
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Dumb Marketing Mistakes

Shorty's Print and Promo


Shorty's Print and Promo is a third generation printing business which was started as a small print shop in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, in 1915. We now are a web-based business selling printing, labels, bags, door hangers promotional products, and more.

Our concept is to make it easier for you to find products that are good value and effective. Don't hesitate to call us for suggestions, to answer questions or to quote you on something.